The advantages of Fingermind are not going unnoticed

Covid has created financial insecurity for operators and collateral that impacted fleets and mechanics. Operators have taken a huge financial hit which has led to fleet and staff reductions.

  • The reduction in fleets means that today’s aircraft are full and running constantly, requiring more maintenance and vigilance.
  • There have been a lot of departures of mechanics which implies a loss not only of personnel but also of know-how as the ability to run fleets relies on them in part.

In an industry where aviation safety and aircraft availability must be ensured, Fingermind is facilitating collective intelligence for operators, manufacturers, and mechanics assisted by our digital solutions, AI & Blockchain.


An innovative solution

Fingermind provides innovative software and applications that address strategic issues in aeronautical operations:

  • Air safety & maintenance cycles
  • Heavy documentation & regular updates
  • Back office scheduling & process decisions

A handheld and user-friendly digital solution available on tablets for mechanics and on computers for back office managers.


Why our clients choose us

The problems solved by Fingermind cover the needs of operators/mechanics/aircraft, from Airbus and Boeing.

Designed for Operator Profitability

  • Getting relevant information through AI & Blockchain to streamline processes and decision-making by air operators
  • Reduction of operator costs by streamlining maintenance cycles
  • For the safety of passengers and the availability of aircraft
  • More efficiency, follow-up, and traceability of the mechanics
  • The reduction of tons of paper

Thanks to our 20 years’ experience in the aeronautical industry, Fingermind helps airlines make more informed operational decisions thanks to the right information and AI assistance, and mechanics be even more efficient despite the pressure and complexity of compliance operations today.

And the advantages of Fingermind are not going unnoticed even by the military services, and we are working more and more with transport aircraft in this field.


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