Fingermind's MRO Software used by mechanics in airline hangar.

Aerotime – Fingermind gives MRO providers fast and reliable data access

June 22nd, 2020 – Fingermind in the media

With the increase in air traffic, the accentuation of technological requirements for each new generation of aircraft, and the rise in maintenance costs (representing up to 10% of airline operating costs), the need for innovative and high-performance maintenance solutions is also growing.

Fingermind has developed a software suite to meet this need. Accessible from tablets, its MRO Suite provides quick and easy access to all the technical documentation required for aeronautical maintenance. It requires no specific training for maintenance operators and can be installed on most operating systems (iOS, Windows and Android).

The Fingermind MRO suite also meets the need for predictive maintenance with advanced Big Data and AI ready features. These features allow the monitoring of operational feedback and the identification and elimination of non-compliant interventions….

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