Fingermind's MRO Softwareprovides services & solutions on tablet

One System

One User Interface

to best manage your Technical Documentation

Fingermind’s MRO Suite is a multi-device and multi OS software easily integrated with any IT system. It gives manufacturers, mechanics, pilots, inspectors, and support engineers access via a single mobile interface to any technical documentation of aircraft.

Our dedicated software modules offer comprehensive feature to operate and manage a large number of maintenance documentation and automatically distribute them to any Android, iOS tablets and Windows.

Especially designed for line maintenance operations and schedules maintenance hangar for all ATA chapters, it supports all major aircraft (Airbus, Boeing, Embraer…) and could easily be adapted for any kind of maintenance and engineering issues of any industry.

NEW! Fingermind launches MRO Smart DataAccess! Take now advantage of this new feature to ensure fast and reliable access to MRO data and get rid of manual copy-paste actions!


MRO Suite is a smart mobile one-stop shop providing interactive access to all maintenance documentation and procedures needed when working by and within aircraft. Unrivaled compatibility with any devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) and any OS (Android, iOS and Windows).

Mobile access in the field to:

  • All maintenance documentation for a specific type of aircraft
  • All maintenance procedures to be performed on an aircraft (job cards)
  • Multiple types of aircraft via the same handheld
  • Real-time interaction with remote experts
  • Augmented Reality and advanced telepresence features

Thanks to centralized management of your documentation:

  • Seamless transfer of various content and data to mobile devices
  • Optimized transmission of large data over wireless networks
  • Make services available on large range of terminals
  • Collect all application events (usage, errors, log, trace…)
  • AI ready data collection


MRO Suite offers much more than a simple EDM (Electronic Document Management) or MIS (Maintenance Information System).

Our smart software solution removes time-consuming paper-centric processes. Developed for the aviation sector it could be entirely customized for any industry handling and providing structured data (based on S1000D requirements: XML, SGML, …).

Advantages for your end-users:

  • Improved security and reduced waiting time to access information
  • The guarantee to access up-to-date information when operating in the field

Advantages for your company:

  • Reducing total cost (of ownership) of its information system
  • Independence from the constant evolution of devices
  • Securing business procedures: traceability and recording of all events and logs