eJobCard, the game-changer of the aviation industry


In our relentless pursuit of enhancing efficiency and productivity in Aircraft Maintenance, backed by decades of experience, we developed something truly remarkable: the eJobCard

This digital tracking system allows for a quick overview of ongoing, pending, and completed tasks, streamlining the workflow and enhancing productivity across multiple maintenance locations and time-zones.

Job Card vs eJobCard


In the aviation industry, job cards are essential documents used to guide and record maintenance activities on aircraft. These documents are a critical component of the aircraft’s maintenance records, ensuring that maintenance tasks are performed according to the specified standards and regulations.

eJobCard, or electronic job card, represent a digital evolution in the management of maintenance tasks within various industries, including aviation.

They serve the same fundamental purposes as a traditional paper-based job card – guiding technicians through maintenance procedures, ensuring compliance with regulations, and recording maintenance activities – but with added benefits afforded by digital technology.

The transition to eJobCard is part of a broader move towards digitalization aimed at enhancing safety, efficiency, and compliance. The ability to integrate with other digital tools and systems, such as electronic maintenance logs, inventory systems, and scheduling tools, makes eJobCard a powerful component in modern maintenance operations.


Our firsthand experience with the eJobCard has been nothing short of transformative. Its intuitive interface streamlines workflows, significantly reduces paperwork, and ensures seamless communication and collaboration among team members.


Key Features that make the eJobCard a Game-Changer

Hassle-free Task Tracking

eJobCard enables technicians and managers to easily track the status of maintenance tasks without the need to sift through piles of paper or manual logs.

This digital tracking system allows for a quick overview of ongoing, pending, and completed tasks, streamlining the workflow and enhancing productivity.

Seamless Access

eJobCard is designed to be functional in online modes. However, technicians may access and update task information in the field, regardless of internet connectivity.

Once a connection is re-established, the updates are synchronized with the central system, ensuring continuity and accuracy of information.

Secure E-Signature Capability for Online Verification

The integration of secure e-signature technology allows for instant verification and approval of tasks.

This digital sign-off process not only speeds up the workflow but also ensures that each step is authenticated, enhancing the reliability and integrity of maintenance records.

Enhanced Project Timelines Management

With eJobCard, project timelines can be managed more effectively.

Our digital platform provides tools for scheduling, deadline reminders, and progress tracking, helping to ensure that maintenance projects are completed on time and within budget.

Smarter Resource Allocation

eJobCard facilitates smarter allocation of resources, including manpower, tools, and materials.

By providing real-time visibility into task requirements and progress, managers can make informed decisions on resource distribution, optimizing efficiency and reducing wastage.

Embrace a Sustainable, Paperless Approach

Moving to eJobCard supports environmental sustainability by eliminating the need for paper-based records.

This not only reduces waste but also contributes to a cleaner, more organized work environment, aligning with broader corporate social responsibility goals.

Real-Time Updates Accessible to Everyone Involved

eJobCard ensures that real-time updates are accessible to all stakeholders, including technicians, managers, and even clients.

This transparency improves communication, facilitates quicker decision-making, and enhances overall project coordination and satisfaction.


eJobCard and AI

The integration of AI and different models into Fingermind’s eJobCard, offer a comprehensive range of information and features to optimize the execution and allocation of tasks based on pre-defined business rules.

  • Predicted execution time: The system can accurately estimate the time needed for each task listed in a job card. This helps to plan resources and deadlines more realistically.
  • Anomaly identification: AI can analyze data in real-time and detect anomalies in the execution of tasks. For example, it can spot deviations from predefined metrics.
  • Task Optimization: By analyzing past performance and forecasting the resources needed for each task, the system can help optimize the order in which tasks are performed and the allocation of resources to maximize overall efficiency.
  • Resource allocation: Based on execution time estimates and task priorities, AI can recommend the optimal allocation of human and material resources for each eJobCard.


By combining AI with the features of the eJobCard, organizations can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver higher quality results in the execution of their projects.


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