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MRO Smart Data Access is a dedicated web service based API enabling fast and reliable data access (with Xml/JSON format response)

Enables third-party applications to communicate easily with MRO Services and integrated services.

  • Reference data
    • Aircraft
    • Customers
    • Operators
  • Data modules
  • Parts
  • Tools
  • Vendors
  • Zones
  • Tasks
  • Fin/Ein

Usage of all APIs requires Authentication and Authorization using the SSO from the Identity Server.

The guaranty to ensure fast and reliable data access without any manual copy&paste.

The MRO Navigator allows technicians to interactively access any technical documentation, chapters and associated procedures.

  • Optimized for any tablets
  • Multi operating systems (iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Online and offline access
  • Supports 2D and 3D-VRML graphics
  • Multiple instances under Windows
  • IA ready
  • SSO (Customized single sign-on)
  • Centralized updates of the stores
Advanced search features:
  • Semantic-wise queries leveraging multiple dictionaries
  • “Table of content-breadcrumb-back” combined features
  • Multi-purpose bookmarks
  • Multiple instances and inter-document navigation
Easy navigation compliant with your documentation structure:
  • Warnings
  • Jobs: purpose, set up, information
  • Procedures: accessible through a tree-based approach (Chapter/Section/Subject) or by a keyword search
  • Tools: describes the list of equipment and supplies needed to complete this task and a lot of advanced features.
  • Pictures: allows access to all diagrams and pictures embedded in the procedure. For some image formats (CGM) where links are present within the image, by clicking on the link you can access another process or the IPC
Customized Design

Screen size, colors, icons, text, error, messages … can be easily customized for white branding.

MRO Publisher provides Technical Publication Manager a unique interface enabling to easily manage and extract all necessary technical documentation:

  • Automatically extract all manuals available for a specific engine
  • Select all manuals to be published according to business rules (model, ICAO, …)
  • Data backup (SGML, S1000D, XML) within a centralized data base for a streamlined processing
    • Data indexing to improve navigation
    • Data indexing to optimize searches
  • Cutting procedures and documents into homogeneous blocks and data extractions to provide immediate access (no complex processing to achieve online)
  • Encoding schemes and images to reduce the size and volume transmitted
  • Creation of internal data facilitating various searches (internal catalogs) for the end-user (technicians in the field)

MRO Jobcard is a dedicated module improving the management and reporting of ongoing operations:

  • Definition of user roles: bay manager, team manager, expert, mechanics, …
  • Preparation of maintenance operations: assignment of tasks, team management, …
  • Execution of tasks for mechanics
  • Dashboard : Feedback (task execution, NRI-NRC, …)
  • Operation in local mode and exchange with the server in the background
  • Interface with MIS
  • Data export to AI systems

MRO Analytics makes it easy to track and analyze how the software is used:

  • Extraction of different user connection data by publications
  • Visualization of the different usages (time, error, manuals, procedures, research, …)
  • Session tracking per user
  • Selection and extraction of training dataset for AI

MRO Server is a dedicated appserver enabling seamless online data distribution (intranet, internet, cloud):

  • Access to publications in http/https mode (no IT constraints)
  • Log and trace all events (generates and logs)
  • Runs on VM (virtual machine)
  • Data export to AI systems

MRO Distribution is a dedicated content management tool enabling offline data distribution:

  • Download documentation package on device
  • Management of user profiles
  • Publication Life Cycle Management