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Optimizing aircraft maintenance processes

Interview of Christophe Remy in the TV show Business Inside by Forbes


An interview realized by the well-known French economic journalist Jean-Marc Sylvestre broadcasted on October 14th, 2022 on Business Inside.

For our English speaking readers, the video is subtitled in English. Click above to watch the interview.


Maintenance is a critical element in keeping aircraft flying safely. To help companies be more efficient, Fingermind offers software to access the necessary documentation and track the execution of procedures. CEO Christophe Remy tells us more.





What solutions does Fingermind offer?

Fingermind offers software that allows airlines and operators of civil and military aircraft and helicopters to access all aircraft maintenance documentation. We also offer tools to track the execution of maintenance procedures, in paper or electronic format.

How is safety crucial in your field?

Safety is an essential part of this business. It’s in the company’s DNA. All internal development processes take into account very strong quality and reliability constraints. Safety also requires us to be very responsive in order to anticipate any difficulties.

How did Covid push the aeronautical sector to make changes?

Covid has created a lot of financial insecurity for airlines and operators. The increase in risk has had a huge impact on fleets as well as personnel. Airlines have taken a huge financial hit, which has led to fleet and staff reductions. As a result of fleet reductions, aircraft are full and running at full capacity, resulting in a significant increase in maintenance requirements.

How does Fingermind use digitalization to optimize processes?

The aeronautical maintenance business is evolving very slowly, and when we entered this market about ten years ago, we developed a set of powerful, robust and industrial tools based on new technologies. Our software tools run on tablets, iPads, Android or PCs, which we are the only ones to offer. They are adapted to mobility and to the optimization of maintenance processes. The mechanic can perform his procedures in mobility around the aircraft and sign his documents with an electronic signature.

With our tools, all the data is accessible on tablets, which makes it possible to know instantly what the mechanic is doing, to understand the difficulties he encounters and to analyze them. We are developing an artificial intelligence project to understand and analyze the mechanic’s behavior, and thus enable process optimization. Our software also integrates security mechanisms based on blockchain technologies.


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