March 10th, 2020 – Fingermind in the media

On March 10th, 2020, Christophe Remy, CEO and CTO of Fingermind commented in a TV interview with La Tribune (french major business media) the evolution of the aircraft sector and how Fingermind supports airlines and MRO Centers, aircraft manufacturers and other industries for their MRO processes.

Watch the video now (in French).

Here is an extract from the interview

Today, the aeronautical maintenance market represents 122 billion euros in total, and 68 billion euros for commercial aircraft alone. Since 2000, Fingermind has been offering its customers a tablet-based aeronautical maintenance software for the main commercial aircraft ranges. “Taking into account the various constraints encountered by maintenance operators, our software is easy to use: no need for special training, it’s easy to learn,” says Christophe Remy, CEO of Fingermind.

The aeronautics market faces several issues, the main one being operational reliability, i.e. ensuring that the information displayed on the tablets is accurate and compliant with the mechanic’s context of use. “The economic aspects are also important: if we take an Airbus A 380 that cannot leave because of a breakdown, we will have to accommodate 500 people, which requires logistics and significant costs. To meet this financial challenge, our role is to intervene in the restoration of operations with relevance and responsiveness.” Indeed, a grounded aircraft can cost the company hundreds or even thousands of euros per minute.

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